A Pig in a Suit

A Pig in a Suit

A "pig in a suit" is a good description of you, if you are still lost in sin and yet go to Church "all dressed up and holy", as if you were actually saved.  You might fool people.  Nevertheless, you cannot fool God.

God is not impressed with your suit, (like a man or woman might be impressed), when you come up to them, smile, and shake their hands.  God sees your heart.  God knows what other things you are thinking about as the preacher is teaching away on Sunday morning.  God knows what you do during the week as well.  When you think that no one sees your "secret sins", God is watching.  God sees everything you do.

"The Eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil"  (Proverbs 15:3)

Did you know that God knows?  Do you think that God has somehow been fooled by your "disguise"?  God knows what you did last summer and every summer.   God knows what you did every other time in your life.   God has written down all of your sins in God's books in Heaven.

One day, your sins will be read out of God's Books at the Last Judgment.  You will not escape from that judgment.  The Bible says in Revelation that everyone will stand there to be judged -- every one "both small and great".  You will stand there before God to be judged out of God's books.  Your sins will be read out.  Then you will be cast into Hell to burn there forever as God's judgment for your sins.

Why go do Hell?  Why not go to Heaven when you die?  When you die, it will be too late for you.  You must come and trust Jesus now so that He can cover your sins in God's books with His own blood, the blood that Jesus shed on the Cross 2,000 years ago.

Jesus is up in Heaven right now.  He is waiting for you to trust Him so that His blood can cover your sins.  Your good works cannot save you.  Your "sinner's prayer" you once prayed cannot save you.  Only Jesus can save you.  Come to Jesus and obtain forgiveness for your sins.  Don't put it off.  Come to Jesus today and be saved!